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Episode 18 is in the barn!  The Barnhouse was an awesome, short-lived house show venue in the University District of Seattle, WA.  Michael, the dude what made it happen, still puts on shows occasionally at his new digs, but it doesn't have a fancy name that I know of, so I'm lumping it all under The Barnhouse!  In addition, you get two extra songs from bands that haven't played the venue, because I'm cool like that.  Enjoy!

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Episode 17 - Interview with Requin

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Episode 17 chums the waters with an interview with Seattle heavy hardcore outfit Requin! This interview was recorded on July 1st, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

Requin is:
Aaron - Bass
Ben - Drums and Vocals
Pam - Guitar
Wolfgang - Vocals

  • Song #1: "Pony's One Trick Isn't Funny Anymore"
  • Song #2: "Always Low Prices On Human Life. Always."
  • Song #3: "Five"

Photo by Paul Israel

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Episode 016 - Interview with Marginal Way & Crutches

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This interview was recorded on June 15th, 2010 in Seattle, WA. I talk with current members of the band Crutches about their previous band Marginal Way.

Crutches is:
Adrien - Vocals
Digger - Guitar
Luke - Bass
Noah - Drums
Wade - Guitar

  • Song #1: Marginal Way - "Anticipation of Falling"
  • Song #2: Marginal Way - "For Life, Love, and War"
  • Song #3: Marginal Way - "All Dressed Up"
  • Song #4: Crutches - "We Live"

Download Crutches debut EP at

Check out Liberacion Fest 2010 at El Corazon on July 4th!

Photo by Christie Marie Photography.

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Episode 15 is out of order! Normally the first Monday of each month is dedicated to an interview episode. However, this month's interview has been slightly delayed, so rather than post an interview late, I decided to switch this month's episodes around. So, for episode 15, you get a new radio episode, and episode 16 will feature an interview. Hopefully things will be back to normal after that, with another interview for episode 17 and a radio episode for 18.

  • 01:24 - "Public Radio" by Good Luck, from Into Lake Griffy
  • 05:35 - "Sidewalk Girl" by Premise Beach, from At Promise Beach
  • 08:27 - "Blah Blah Jet-Skis Blah Blah Blah" by Partners In 818, from A Well Lit Place For Shady People
  • 11:05 - "Island of Pogo Pogo" by Groovie Ghoulies, from World Contact Day
  • 13:10 - "Mercury Sables, Picnic Tables" by Like Claws!, from Prints And Things
  • 15:45 - "An Open Documentation of Recent Events" by The Taxpayers, from Exhilarating News
  • 20:14 - "Stick Around" by Agatha, from Panic Attack
  • 22:05 - "Let Us Get Murdered" by Andrew Jackson Jihad, from the Ghost Mice / Andrew Jackson Jihad split
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Episode 14 is something that rhymes with fourteen! The Grn Strp Haus has been busy lately, so I think it's high time that I highlited a few more of the excellent bands that have played there. Unfortunately, the venue has a limited lifespan left, as it will be closing its doors at the end of the summer when it's current residents (as awesome a bunch of people as ever there were) move on to greener pastures.

  • 0:59 - "Like a Funnel Cloud" by Know Your Saints, from the Escape Artists EP
  • 4:09 - "Empty" by Koozbane, from their demo
  • 7:09 - "High Life" by Random Orbits, from Safety Meeting
  • 11:42 - "Cellos & Jailbirds" by The Albert Square, from The Ghosts That Follow
  • 15:00 - "La La Land to Purgatory" by Ol' Doris, from Elephant In The Room
  • 17:15 - "XOXO" by Go! Fight! Win!, from their split with Good News From France
  • 20:23 - "That's The Last Time I Put Any Corpse In That Morgue" by The Anchor, from The Anchor
  • 23:11 - "1/4 Life Crisis" by Rev Lee Peters, from River House Demo
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Episode 13 - Interview with Smokejumper

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Lucky episode thirteen! This episode was recorded on April 22, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

Smokejumper is:
Chris - Guitar, Vocals
K2 - Drums
Shawn - Bass
(Kevin plays bass on the included tracks)

Yeah, I know I'm getting bad about including the shownotes, but I'm sick. They'll get done (along with Episode 11) eventually.

Photo by Cameron Collins.

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Episode 12 wraps up the FBK House (for now!) and introduces music from shows at Squid & Ink, a recently-closed vegan cafe in south Seattle.

  • 0:35 - "Raising East 80" by Bastards of Young, from their split 12" with Wolves & Thieves
  • 3:14 - "Sports" by Public Service Announcement, from Tell Me About It
  • 6:39 - "Wake Up" by Snuggle!, from Zero Real Hearts
  • 9:07 - "Proudhon In Manhattan" by Wingnut Dishwashers Union, from Burn the Earth, Leave It Behind
  • 11:33 - "First Evil Twin" by In The Red, from Volume 2
  • 14:48 - "Panic Attack" by Agatha, from the Panic Attack EP
  • 17:45 - "El Radio" by Anchor Down, from the Steel to Dust EP
  • 21:30 - "Cut the Cord" by RVIVR, from the RVIVR LP
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Episod 011 - Interview with Danger Death Ray

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Episode 11 is a prime number!  This interview was recorded on February 13th, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

Danger Death Ray is:
Dave - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan - Bass, Vocals
Walker - Drums, Vocals

Full show notes/links coming soon!

  • 1:04 - Song #1: "The E & I Reprise"
  • 10:06 - Song #2: "Billie Joe Armstrong, You Are Dead To Me"
  • 19:49 - Song #3: "Silly Little Smile"
  • 28:26 - Song #4: "Brother, Don't Go To Mesquite"

Photo by Sam Fisher

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Episode 10 is dedicated to my friends Rev and Liz, a beautiful punk rock couple who just tied the knot!  Congratulations to both of you!

  • 0:57 - "Pros & Cons" by Rev Lee Peters, from the Ebb Tide EP
  • 5:36 - "What A Country" by Grabass Charlestons, from Ask Mark Twain
  • 8:16 - "Laughin'" by Onion Flavored Rings, from Two Minutes' Enlightenment
  • 11:06 - "White Belt In Musical Journalism" by Requin, from their split 7" with Same Sex Dictator
  • 12:40 - "Nasty Weather" by Shang-A-Lang, from Sad Magic
  • 15:11 - "Lab Technicians" by Cheap Girls, from My Roaring 20's
  • 17:54 - "Derailer" by RVIVR, from the Derailer 7"
  • 21:31 - "Portland Lights" by Banner Pilot, from Pass The Poison
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Episode 009 - Interview with Destruction Island

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Destruction Island is: Daniel - Drums David - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals Kye - Vocals, Guitar Yos-wa - Bass, Korg, Backing Vocals

Buy Colonial Surf and Preaches the New Wilderness through iTunes, CDBaby, or from the band!

Photo by Kyle Coster

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Episode eight is truly great! This episode continues the Best of the Morgue series!

  • 0:37 - "Lionheart Was Ok But Bloodsport Was Way Better" by The Anchor, from their self-titled album
  • 3:27 - "Truckers Are The Blood" by Andrew Jackson Jihad, from Can't Maintain
  • 6:28 - "Roger Adultery" by Marginal Way, from Dead To Youth
  • 10:56 - "Terrorist Attack?" by Off With Their Heads, from From The Bottom
  • 12:15 - "Stormy Weather" by Kepi Ghoulie, from American Gothic
  • 15:45 - "The Sky Turned Black" by The Hollowpoints, from The Black Spot
  • 19:32 - "Master Blaster / Don't Settle Down" by Shit Gets Smashed from Smash This Shit
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  • Fri 02/12/2010 - Danger Death Ray, The Damage Done, Shakes, Steel Tigers Of Death at Galway Arms, 9pm.
  • Sat 02/13/2010 - Success!, The Hollowpoints, Get Dead, My Life in Black and White at Galway Arms, 9pm.
  • Mon 02/15/2010 - Save Amos, Smokejumper, Success! at The Funhouse
  • Tue 02/16/2010 - Save Amos, Success!, Blue In The Face, Random Orbits at Grn Strp Haus
  • Fri 02/19/2010 - Into The Storm, UBIK, Mother's Anger, Asymmetric Warfare at The Black Lodge, 10pm
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Episode 007 - Interview with Random Orbits

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Episode seven will take you to heaven! This episode was recorded on January 14th, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

Random Orbits is:
Blake - Drums and Vocals
Ryan - Bass and Vocals
Sauce - Guitar and Vocals
Tyler - Guitar

Buy Random Orbits first album Real Friends Fix The Run at shows or on Interpunk, and download their new album Safety Meeting at their bandcamp site!

Photo by Ryan Manjerrez

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With episode six, you can get your kicks! The Morgue is a DIY, non-profit venue operated by the Seattle Pyrate Punx in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. While it's been around for less than a year, the Morgue has put on dozens of amazing punk and hardcore shows with a wide variety of excellent bands.

  • 0:53 - "Well Tempered" by Hudson Criminal, from We Aren't Trying to Break a Mold Here, Just Have a Good Time, Maybe Piss Some of You Off
  • 2:10 - "River Trash" by The Gateway District, from Some Days You Get The Thunder
  • 4:59 - "You Take Part In Creating This System" by Suburban Showdown, from Any Minor Inconvenience Must Be Eliminated
  • 6:39 - "Rock Against 'Rock Against Bush'" by Danger Death Ray, from the Stop and Smell the Moses EP
  • 8:27 - "Three to the Beach" by Dear Landlord, from Dream Homes
  • 10:47 - "Tusken Hater" by The Damage Done, from the Tusken Hater EP
  • 14:43 - "No Offense, Sir, But You're a Fucking Squirrel" by Partners In 818, from A Well Lit Place For Shady People
  • 16:29 - "Word War 1" by Anchor Down, from Steel To Dust
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Episode 005 - Interview with Shakes

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Episode five is alive! This interview was recorded on 11/21/2009 in Seattle, WA.

Shakes is:
Brent - Drums
Elliot - Guitar and Vocals
Eric - Bass and Vocals
Taylor - Guitar and Vocals

  • 1:38 - Chris Crusher of Smokejumper put out Shakes debut EP on Better Half Records
  • 4:32 - Shakes played their first show with The Walk Home, RVIVR, and Witches Of
  • 4:44 - Members of Shakes have been in the bands Road to Ruin, The Damage Done, Wake, and Bro-Down
  • 6:50 - Eric currently plays in Filth Mattress and The Walk Home
  • 7:07 - Song #1: "4 AM"
  • 10:28 - Shakes burned a van down in front of RVIVR's house in Olympia while visiting to record their EP
  • 16:44 - Song #2: "Patience"
  • 23:56 - Song #3: "Lucky Stars"

Buy Shakes' debut EP from Better Half Records or on iTunes

Photo by Cameron Collins.

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